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Turkish AirForce F16 1/48 Aircraft Model with Turkish Weapon Systems

Turkish AirForce F16 1/48 Aircraft Model with Turkish Weapon Systems

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F-16 Fighter 1/48 Scale Aircraft Model 

This F-16 fighter aircraft model, specially designed for aviation enthusiasts, stands out with its realistic details and scaled-down design. Crafted in 1/48 scale, this model has been meticulously designed to capture the intricate details and engineering excellence of the real F-16 fighter aircraft.

Advanced Weapon Systems

This F-16 model is equipped with the GÖKDOĞAN, BOZDOĞAN, and HGK munitions developed by Turkey's leading defense technology development center, TÜBİTAK SAGE. These weapon systems are included in the model to reflect the power and effectiveness of the real F-16 fighter aircraft.

Durable Material and Dimensions

The F-16 model aircraft is constructed using high-quality and durable ABS hard plastic material, ensuring long-lasting use and a realistic appearance. The model's dimensions are as follows:
- **Weight:** 370 grams
- **Length:** 30 cm
- **Width:** 21 cm
- **Height:** 24 cm

This F-16 fighter aircraft model is an excellent choice for aviation enthusiasts and collectors alike. With its fidelity to the intricate details of the real F-16, powerful weapon systems, and carefully crafted dimensions, this model will enrich your collections and captivate aviation enthusiasts.

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