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Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 1/100 Aircraft Model ADA E livery

Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 1/100 Aircraft Model ADA E livery

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Pegasus Airlines has added a new Boeing 737-800 model aircraft named "Ada E." to its fleet, adorned with the artwork of 9-year-old Ada Eminağaoğlu, who won a drawing competition with the theme of "dream vacation" as part of the "World's Most Beautiful Gift" campaign. This special aircraft not only realizes Ada's dream but also represents Pegasus Airlines' innovative and creative approach. Ada E. stands out as Turkey's most colorful aircraft, aiming to provide passengers with a unique travel experience.

Pegasus Airlines continues the tradition of naming its new aircraft after the last-born daughters of family members, and this time, Ada Eminağaoğlu's artwork shaped the design of this aircraft, earning it the name Ada E.

Ada E. joins Pegasus Airlines' fleet as one of the significant investments, totaling 40 new-generation Boeing 737-800 aircraft, valued at $3.2 billion. The meticulous process of adorning the aircraft with Ada's artwork involved a dedicated team of 21 individuals working for five days, using 230 liters of paint and 22 different colors to cover an area of 220.3 square meters. Pegasus Airlines hopes that Ada E. will inspire passengers during their travels and create unforgettable family moments.

Ada's dream will soar through the skies with Ada E., adding color and inspiration to the travel experiences of all passengers. Pegasus Airlines takes pride in flying passengers with young and vibrant aircraft, constantly investing in its fleet to make journeys special.

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