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Anadolu Efes is one of Turkey's oldest and most successful basketball clubs. It was founded in Istanbul in 1976 and takes its name from Anadolu Efes Group, one of Turkey's largest beer producers. The club has made a significant mark in both domestic and international basketball.


  • Anadolu Efes has won the Turkish Basketball Super League (BSL) championship multiple times, competing at the highest level in one of Turkey's most prestigious basketball leagues.

  • In the EuroLeague, Anadolu Efes has been a prominent presence, achieving substantial success on the international stage. The club has reached the finals in various EuroLeague seasons, effectively representing Turkey in this prestigious competition.

Club Culture:

Anadolu Efes is not just about on-court success; it also plays a vital role in the community. The club is committed to using basketball as a tool for youth development and contributing to social change. It provides opportunities for young talents and promotes basketball to a wider audience.

With passionate fans, significant achievements, and social responsibility projects, Anadolu Efes is an integral part of Turkish sports. The club celebrates the power and unity of basketball and eagerly works towards more success and progress in the future.

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